Sex Peak, Sanders County Montana

Sex Peak – and you can rent the fire tower on top from the Forest Service! Evocative, to say the least.

According to the Forest Service site, “The peak was named by I.V. Anderson, an early forester, and Harry Baker, supervisor of what was then Cabinet National Forest. It is rumored that they named the peak after their topic of conversation at the time.”

Scrabble, Rappahannock County, Virginia

No proper nouns or slang allowed here, but if you need a fresh start, it’s a good place to trade in all your tiles.

As for the name, if I had to guess, I’d say it was from the living there being hardscrabble in the old days. The town was mainly African-American in the past and had a Rosenwald School that now houses a senior center and museum. These schools were built by a foundation dedicated to improving the education for African-American communities, mainly in the south. Scrabble School was opened in 1921 and used until the school system was integrated in 1968. See for more information.